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Our History 


On May 6, 1947, Charles and Eula Bensenhaver donated property for the original church. Among those helping to construct the original building were: George Bergdoll, Perry Grose, Ambry Crites, Curtis Snyder, Glenn Crites, Clinton "Dooch" Crites and family, Connie Crites and family, Frank Eye and family, Norman Newhouse, Orie Hardy, Clyde Hardy, Fred Hardy, Harvey Crites, Homer Crites and family, and Ocie Sherman and family.

It was named the Crites Town Congregation of the Bible Church of God and the pastor was Rev. P.O. Grose. Helen Pancake, church secretary, reported in her October 12, 1957 minutes that after discussion and careful consideration on a motion duly seconded and carried, a resolution was adopted authorizing the transfer of the church real estate to the Trustees of the Rig Assembly of God Church and the successors, affiliated with and part of the Potomac District Council, Springfield, VA, and the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri.

On November 16, 1957, Amby Crites, Curtis Snyder, and P.O. Grose, Trustees for the Crites Town Congregation of the Bible Church of God transferred the church real estate to G.L. Goldizen, Glenn Crites and Clinton C. Crites, Trustees of the Rig Assembly of God Church. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bensenhaver donated land to the church again in November 1980 and in May 1994.

In March 1994, the church purchased Briton and Blanche Crites' lot from their daughter Judy Barb. A fellowship hall was built on this lot. Additional land was purchased from Mr. & Mrs. Bensenhaver in 2000 to build a new building because the original church building had become too small. Construction began in March 2001. The first service in the new building was held on October 28, 2001. The original building was torn down in April 2002.

Rev. P.O. Gross was the pastor of the church from 1947 - 1957. Rev. G. Lester Goldizen was the pastor from November 1957 until his death in October 1977. Following the death of his father, Rev. John A. Goldizen, Sr. became the pastor until the time of his death on May 6, 1996. Shortly after her husband's death until March 12, 1998, Rev. Carole S. Goldizen served as pastor. Rev. Bradley Taylor has been the pastor from 1998 to present.